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Simon & Schuster Spring Blogger evening.

On Wednesday 6th February I was lucky enough to be invited to Simon & Schuster’s Spring Blogger Event.

These guys are my favourite publishers not only do they host a gorgeous array of authors and thought provoking books they also have the best get togethers. I’m always heartbroken if I can’t attend but thankfully I made the day completely free to attend.

Not only is it fabulous to meet authors it’s also a great evening to catch up with likeminded bloggers of whom I’m very good friends with a number of them. And it’s always lovely to finally put faces to Twitter handles and to meet newbies and get recommended more books. There are never too many books. (She says, although I think I was good compared to a few others cough Laura cough Emma).

The cakes always need their very own introduction made by restoration cakes they always taste fabulous. Thanks to SJ I devoured two of these beauties yup I did just admit that. I had if you were here and the love child.

There were an array of authors some did readings and others were attendees like me yet we did get the chance to chat to them all.

Iona Grey giving is a fabulous reading from The Glittering Hour – it was lovely to meet her especially as she follows my Twitter. I look forward to reading this.

Next up was Alice Peterson – I have one of her books at home and ashamedly I haven’t read it but I’m going to devour my sampler after listening to her read.

Claire Frost’s gorgeous debut sounds fabulous I think this will be the next sampler I read.

Claire is so genuine and is just as excited as us bloggers I look forward to seeing her journey progress.

Rachel Hore gave a fabulous reading she has such a good reading voice.

Now how I’ve never properly spoke to Milly I don’t know. She has the best reading voice, she’s funny and real. I’ve read a few of her shorts but I must delve in I know I have some of her books on my ever expanding shelf but I’m hoping to attend another event after her latest is released so I’m hoping to have read that in time.

Ever since I inhaled the Swimming Pool Louise has been one of my favourite authors although I still have a number of her books waiting on my shelf. That must change. I devoured the sampler of Those People and I know this is a book I will be shouting about I want it NOW. The characters are real, likeable and unlikeable and I know it’s going to be one of those take a day off and sit in a coffee shop reads and I want to do that.

It’s always a pleasure to see these ladies. I had a lovely chat with Anstey Harris also but there is no photographic evidence. As I said to many on that evening I either take lots of photos or none.

So to the goody bag – my pictures could be better. I’m sooo excited by both these proofs I also met Catherine again but no pic again too many people not enough time. I’ve been good and haven’t started Paige’s yet as I’m currently engrossed in The Flight of Cornelia Blackwood which is another Simon & Schuster beauty.

The gorgeous samplers that the lovely ladies signed for me.

The rest of the goodies and the extras I swiped off the shelf we were told to raid…I do blame some of my bookish pals for a few of those. I’ve not read any Gayle Forman and now I have three to devour.

I’m sorry that the blog has been a bit hit and miss of late. Although I’m chuffed that my updates all seem to be Simon & Schuster based. Any of you I met at this event know I’m currently swooning over 90s boyband Boyzone back on the road again today but I would love to hear from you all.

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Once a bookworm always a bookworm….

Happy Monday….today I got up when it was still dark and most of you were still in bed. 

I was up at 5am to spend some time fundraising for work at Paddington Station as part of #SU2C – Stand Up To Cancer….now I have been to Paddington Station lots before today but I didn’t realise how much Paddington Bear was there…….as a child I devoured these books by the late Michael Bond – my nieces love the film and I cannot wait for them to be old enough to devour Paddington’s tales and I can relive the magic with them. 

So today I became a bit of a child once again…

So I didn’t have a picture without my silly wig but here I am just gone 7am this morning. Ready for the day…doing my bit for Stand Up To Cancer when you work got a charity you end up realising you don’t mind dressing like a bit of a twit in aid of said charity. When I found this outfit I instantly thought of Stand Up fundraising. 

It all started for Paddington at Paddington Station.

I love that he’s sat on a book…I didn’t take a picture of the other side where you can see the other side of the actual book.

There’s also a gorgeous little gift shop full of stuff including some gorgeous pin badges and tote bags. I refrained from purchasing but alongside my work day I sure did have fun embracing my childhood. 

Paddington was one of my favourites and I cannot wait for the second film which is in the cinema on the 10th November….

I wonder if Michael Bond ever realised the bear he created would become just as famous as he has.? What a legacy he has left with new stories being created in the films alongside new fans in youngsters just like my nieces.

I hope to share more bookish adventures very soon. Happy Monday back to my book 📖