Monday motivation and smiles

Monday’s can be full of sunshine…if you look for it that is.

This blog as I stated before is mainly focussed on volunteering and Cancer Research. As it stands at the moment I am yet again doing some soul-searching. Back when I was blogging before I used to write inspirational Monday’s mainly to help motivate myself and I have been toying with the idea of doing something similar again. So here I am.

Although, I did mean to write this much earlier, but work and a fabulous book had got in the way earlier on. It seems that from in general we don’t like Monday’s. Bob Geldof even wrote a song about it but this morning as I travelled into work I kept on thinking…Monday’s don’t have to be full of doom and gloom. If you open your eyes and look past the clouds a glorious rainbow awaits you. Rather than stressing, worrying and dreading Monday’s instead make a point of doing something that your future self will be proud of.

Make Monday a day for motivation, write a to-do list – if you have to. It should be a day where we chase our dreams and let go of our fear, worry and anxiety

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way. I am nowhere near perfect at this but all day I have been toying with words for this piece and I have managed to cross off a few things on my to-do list. Before the evening is gone I hope to cross off a few more but I also hope to add a few more, because each day is a new chance to shine…

Dear Readers

Dear Readers….a snapshot…volunteering.

Dear Readers,

This is where I get to post a snapshot about my time at Cancer Research. Every single week is different and with each week there are new challenges…so here is a snapshot of my average day volunteering at Cancer Research..

What I truly love about giving my time on a Saturday morning are the genuine people I meet. Some I see regularly and others touch my heart once and make me realise why I choose to forfeit my lie in. I don’t always write down my thoughts and feelings and interactions from the day but on this particular Saturday I ended up having a little cry. I say cry a few tears came to my eyes and I had to hold it together whilst I spoke, but I dare say my eyes were rather red after.

I have to describe this man as cheerful as that is exactly how he was. Said man asked me where our collection tin was, it blends into the desk where the till is so I pointed it out, he thanked me and took a £20 note out of his wallet, he folded the note and put it in the box. I thanked him, as I do to every single person who puts money in there whilst I am standing there. He then went on to tell me about his wife, who he had lost a year ago and that he always supports Cancer Research. I agreed in regards to support and his words made me feel humbled. I would be lying if what he said didn’t make me think of my own personal grief. We miss our loved ones every single day, but as the saying goes life goes on. Our friends and loved ones would want us to make the most of the time we have.

Yesterday during my morning volunteering I almost started sobbing on a customer. The lady in question used to be in every single week, and she would regularly talk to me about her battle with Cancer and that of one of her loved ones too. Weeks and months went by and I hadn’t seen her and it made me think and worry about her. That was until yesterday when she graced us in store with her presence, I was so pleased to see her and I think I made her day by telling her how nice it was to see her again.

These stories and these people are the reason I volunteer. Every weekend is different and sadly there are also some people who try to con charities too. Managed to get rid of one of those yesterday, every day and every person has a story and a reason. Don’t judge as you never know what battle they are facing.

Sorry for the spam but I have been meaning to start this for ages hence why you have two snapshots in one.

Dryathlon with a twist

We can do anything that we set our minds too….

Firstly, I am so so sorry that this post has taken forever to be written. I did it I did it. I gave up tea and coffee for 30 days for Cancer Research UK and the after effects have been astounding. You can still donate if there are any last minute stragglers out there

Thank you so much to every single person who donated, not only for your cash but also your kind words and time for me. As you saw by my posts the very start of my challenge was by far the hardest, the headaches and hunger were immense. But what I have realised since then is that it is all in our minds. Once we get used to something it’s hard for us to get out of that mind frame but it isn’t impossible. IM-POSSIBLE see it states I’m possible. I cannot take credit for that quote as I read it somewhere, probably via my best friend as she may as well have written a positivity book.

What shocked me most was the fact that when I could have my morning cuppa tea, I didn’t get that amazing feeling that I was expecting. In some ways it was enlightening and now I don’t drink as much tea as I used to. Which is kind of good for me. Although today I have been having a lazy day with TV and tea so today has been the exception to the new rule. I am not saying I don’t drink tea, as obviously I just told you that today seemed like the old me, but now I know that I don’t NEED tea, which means I am drinking more water which is much better for my health. I may not have been here with you guys but I have been jotting down notes to share with you. I was sat thinking of how grateful and humbled I am for all the support I have had during September #Dryathlon, my mind drifts to my beloved Nan one of the main reasons that I decided to challenge myself in aid of Cancer Research. I start feeling emotional by my sadness and then I laugh out loud whilst tears are streaming down my face. My beautiful Nan June would never have given up a good ole cuppa. We shared so many over the years and I am so grateful of the times we sat in her house drinking tea and watching some of her favourite films. They really were old treasures and I will remember those times always. Whenever I would go over I could guarantee a feast to eat and if we were watching films the milk tray would come out. I miss my Nan always and that is why I volunteer for Cancer Research I want to see an end to this disease and to the sadness it brings to sufferers and their families.