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Weekly Update #29

Here we are again…Saturday has rolled round. Although this week has felt longer than most. I’m not going into too much as I haven’t the information or the time to do so but I will admit it’s been a somewhat anxious and agonising week, with still no answers.

This means there are no sweaty selfies this week. My last run was exactly a week today. My only saving grace is the weather has been pretty pants. As a good friend told me this week muscle memory is paramount and she always feels good after a break. So I’m trying to embrace those good vibes whilst I’m not pounding the pavement.

This week I’ve read:

Reading two ebooks one for Netgalley and a library read. I did also email a publisher about a book that I could not finish reading. It’s not something I relish doing especially when it felt so me on paper but I’m glad I’ve done so and I will still be taking part in the tour just not via review.

What’s been on the blog?

On Sunday I took part in the second Six for Sunday of 2021 – this weeks prompt was Bookish Wins of 2020 and you can read my post here.

For some reason the past two Monday’s I’ve not been prepared and there hasn’t been a blog post. I’m taking some time over this weekend to read as well as prep post too. Shout if there are any specifics you would love to see here.

On Tuesday I made my for Monday’s lack of post by sharing a cover reveal and a blog tour review of my first gorgeous read of 2021. Cover Reveal The List and Book Review : I Give it a Year.

On Wednesday I shared a truly gorgeous book review of a subject matter I never expected to want to read. Book Review: Love in Lockdown

On Thursday I shared a post I had been toying with as I was in the middle of Buddy Reading my first book of 2021. You can read Buddy Reading here. I apologise for the link heavy post and for possibly adding to your ever growing TBR piles.

On Friday I posted another late in the day blog post following finishing listening to Twice in a Blue Moon as I hadn’t felt great so did no physical reading yesterday. You can read my thoughts here.

In terms of my GoodReads target for 2021 adding 3 more books has taken my total to 5. Having managed 107 plus 7 to what I was aiming for I decided to aim higher this year setting my target at 120. I figured as I am aiming to read more daily, listen to more audiobooks and get my Netgalley shelf down I thought it was worth a try and whilst we’re still living these strange times I thought it couldn’t hurt.

Having taken part in both cover reveals for this gorgeous book I was sent a copy or two. May have to do a giveaway…I had hoped to have got stuck in yday but my sleeping pattern is rotten so my head felt like mush. Hoping to get stuck in today.

I’m proper on one today ha. Remembering things to share and say. Who is loving The Mask Singer – this is the first series I’ve been able to properly get involved and I’ve called them correct the last two weeks.

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Buddy Reading…

Buddy Reading is one of my most favourite things to do. During 2020 I had the time and the pleasure to read a lot more buddy reads with Catriona. With her being in Denver and me in London it meant we were both mostly reading when the other was asleep and catching up in the interim with questions and more often than not OMG have you got to.

We read a lot of gorgeous books last year and we are now reading Love at First Swipe as our first of 2021.

Right I won’t necessarily go in order but our first buddy read of 2020 was the gripping Mr Nobody by Catherine Steadman and you can read my thoughts here.

Our last read of 2020 was This Time Next Year and we actually went live on Catriona’s You Tube to live chat that one. My review is here. Here is the you tube Link.

The Switch By Beth O’Leary review.

The Secret Seaside Escape By Heidi Swain review – Heidi is definitely one of our mutual favourites. Neither of us can remember whether we actually read The Winter Garden together or if we just overlapped it Review.

Where We Belong by Anstey Harris Review – another author whose debut we both adored so it was a given we wanted to buddy read this one.

The Liberation of Brigid Dunne was both our first Patricia Scanlan read this is being repackaged this year as Family Reunion and you can read my review here.

The High Moments By Sara Ella Ozbek was a gorgeous debut from Simon & Schuster and you can read my thoughts here.

Mhari McFarlane is another author we both adore and we decided it was high time we read one neither of us had read. It’s Not Me, It’s You is one I’ve had on my shelf for ages. As I’ve mentioned before I love the look of hardbacks but hate carrying them around. You can read my review here.

The last two Isabelle Broom books we have buddy read I really enjoyed reading Hello Again with Catriona my review is here.

Here and Now was my first Santa Montefiore novel and Catriona hadn’t read one in a while and we were both intrigued by this one so….review.

Miranda Dickinson is a go to read for us both. We read The Day We Meet Again together so it was only natural we read Our Story together you can read my review here.

I’m not going to give every link as I could be here a while but we read through Paige Toon’s back catalogue Readathon until we got to The Minute I Saw you which you can read here. There were two or three that I still need to finish due to getting mad headaches so watch this space.

Pumpkin Everything was a book I came across on Facebook and in mentioning to Catriona. We were both eager to read it. We both have a soft spot for all things coffee with a syrup so this definitely fit the season. You can read my review here.

Dash & Lily’s Book Of Dares had been on my book shelf for a while. We had wanted to watch some of the Netflix series together so naturally needed to read the first book first. You can read my review here.

I don’t know about you but I’m intrigued to see what we can accomplish this year. More often than not I’m usually behind Catriona but with our first of this year I’m a little ahead.

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Six for Sunday – A New Year with new prompts.

Six for Sunday is a prompt I love taking part in and I’m sorry it’s coming super late in the day. Although in my defence I wanted to finish my first read of 2021 and I did.

I really loved my first Helen Whitaker novel and my first read of a New Year- I’m taking part in the blog tour so that review will be up on 12th January.

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme created by https://alittlebutalot.com each week a prompt is given and then you choose books accordingly.

Today’s prompt is Bookish Resolutions for 2021. This is extremely apt being the first of a brand New Year.

1. Make Netgalley more of a priority – I must admit I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to Netgalley and more often than not I can’t commit to read said book in time or I’m not in the mood to read said book. My next read of the year will be off my Netgalley shelf and it’s from an author I’m still yet to read.

2. Read at least 100 pages a day – For the first few days of the year I’ve smashed this.

3. Listen to more audiobooks – during lockdown I downloaded Libby and have listened to a number of books from my library. I have one on the go at the moment and hope to get stuck into that again tomorrow.

4. Goodreads target – Thanks to lockdown I had a lot more time to read and I read 107 books in 2020. So this year I’ve upped my target to 120 books.

5. Buddy Reads – Last Year myself and Catriona read a lot more buddy reads than we ever have. We hope to continue that into this year with our first buddy read of the year starting on 11th January.

6. Blogging – The last few months I’ve been more consistent on the blog and I want to keep that going.

Do you have any blogging resolutions for this year? If so do share them with me.

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Happy New Year….

Let’s start how we mean to go on. It’s down to each and everyone of us to put our best foot forward and follow the rules. In doing so I hope it means we can get back to all we love. I will be doing a round up of what I read in December but I also wanted to look at how I aim to tackle January’s reading.

I didn’t read at all yesterday although in saying that I did listen to a bit of an audiobook. There are still a few festive ones that I would like to try and read but today I opened one of my 2021 releases and started I Give It A Year By Helen Whitaker- I’m on the blog tour for this one with my slot being on the 12th Jan but this one is released on the 7th. I chose to start with this as it starts from 11.59 on 31st December so it seemed pretty apt.

This one is also released on 7th January – I haven’t read any Fanny Blake and I need to rectify that.

I’m also on a blog tour for these two later in January.

This is a February release but it will be the first Buddy read of 2021 and I cannot wait. I loved Claire’s debut so I’m excited for this one.

As I mentioned there’s a few festive ones I would still like to get to and this year I plan to up my Netgalley ranking. If I can read these and some I will be very happy, as I’ve set my Good Reads for 2021 as 120 books.

I would also love to know what you recommend me picking up?

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Books of the year…

Now I’ve been meaning to pen this post for a while and now I’m finally doing so. As it stands unless I get anymore reading in I’ve read 107 books this year. I’ve finally hit my Good Reads target for 2020.

It’s been a strange old year in many ways but reading has been such a tonic. If I hadn’t had lost two weeks to headaches there could have been many more.

It’s been hard to get it down to ten reads so in no particular order.

Miranda is one of my most favourite authors and this book gave me all the feels.

Our Story Review.

My review will come shortly.

This Time Next Year Review

One By One Review

Discovering Dash & Lily made me smile.

Dash & Lily book one

Dash & Lily book two

Dash & Lily book three

Invisible Girl

In Case You Missed It

My One True North Review

The Minute I Saw You review

The Other Girl Review

One thing we can be sure of is there will be plenty of books in 2021. Let’s all look forward with positivity and hope.

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Debuts of 2020

This year I’ve been able to read some gorgeous debut reads and today I’m sharing those with you.

This Time Next Year By Sophie Cousens

I’ve gushed about this one a lot and it was my last Buddy read of 2020 with my fave Catriona. This book gave me all the feels I will be getting a paperback copy and I will read this hopeful treat again. You can read my review here.

Predator By Zoë Caldwell

Reading a Thriller under Zoë Caldwell was an absolute treat. I adore Zoë May and I’ve loved getting more into Thrillers and crime so when she mentioned this it was an auto purchase from me. It was everything and so much more. When I was reading this it had a different cover I believe I’ve shared both already but here it is again.

You can read my review here.

If I can’t Have You By Charlotte Levin

I kept seeing this book advertised and I was intrigued, in reading it I honestly couldn’t believe this was a debut I’m most definitely a fan. You can read my thoughts here.

The Beginners Guide to Loneliness By Laura Bambrey

I adore Simon & Schuster and their recommendations always go down well with me. I feel like I read this a long long time ago at the start of lockdown but the messages in this novel are so true. This absolute beauty will be released in paperback next year and you can read my thoughts here.

The Life We Almost Had By Amelia Henley

Another alter ego author and this one really got me. The premise had me but wow oh wow this was an absolute beauty there were a lot of tears. You can read my review here.

Jog On By Bella Mackie

This year I downloaded Libby and have been able to support my library from afar. This was one of my early audio listens and following my running journey this was the tonic I needed. Bella experienced some similarities to me and it really did help me on those earlier worries and woes. It also had me itching to proceed further. You can read my review here.

Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe By Annette Hannah

This one was a spectacular treat as Annette is a blogger come author and I was intrigued and excited for her debut. I really did adore her first novel and it felt good to be able to review alongside publication. You can read my thoughts here.

The High Moments By SaraElla Ozbek

This was a buddy read and it really was a breathe of fresh air, you can read what I thought here.

The Christmas Killer By Alex Pine

I only recently realised this was another author alter ego. I really enjoyed listening to this. There were so many mixed reviews but I say trust your own judgment. You can read my thoughts here.

Sleepless By Louise Mumford

This one I had hoped to have finished well over a week ago. But following an awful headache that didn’t happen. I’m really loving it and I hope to finish later on.

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Weekly Update #25

Firstly, I’m so so sorry that this post is super late in the day. Even before Boris changed restrictions today was a busy and tense one – had a few things to do. I can safely say I managed to get in a few bottles of Mulled Wine for Christmas 🙂 so in that sense I was happy. I’ve not felt very Christmassy so today I sat and watched Holidate.

A fun film that will definitely put a smile on your face. Although it does make us single folk think but this is definitely a film we can escape to and relate to.

Now as ever there’s been some running in my week. I got out on Tuesday and on Thursday. On Tuesday I ran 4.77 miles the sunshine after the rain sure did make it a hard slog. I had wore a T-shirt but based on how hot it became I needed to have had a vest on.

Following the 10k last week I knew my next run I wouldn’t be pushing it. On Thursday I got back out and this time I hit the 5 miles I could have ran a little longer although it was another hot one so I didn’t push it. This time I learnt my lesson and ran in my vest and shorts. It was another warm one and the sun sure was blinding but I wanted to get at least 5 miles in and I did so I was happy with that.

On Wednesday evening I joined Catriona on her channel to talk all things This Time Next Year and you can see it here.

This week I read?

I’m still listening to…

And I should have already finished…

So it’s been short reads following my headache leaving me. My ear has reared it’s ugly head again and I’ve suffered from a bit of a stiff neck but bar that I’m ok. Hoping to get back out for another run tomorrow.

What’s been on the blog?

On Sunday there was a Blog Tour post where I shared an extract and you can read that here.

On Monday I shared my thoughts on The Christmas Killer and you can read that here.

On Tuesday I shared a Blog Blitz called Twinkle and you can read that here.

On Wednesday I had initially planned to share a review but thanks to the headache it turned into this Hump Day post which you can read here.

On Thursday I had a Cover Reveal which you can see it Here. I also shared a blog tour post on an adorable Children’s book with such a special message you can read that here.

On Friday I shared a blog blitz for 58 Farm End that you can read here and my thoughts on the festive Jack Reacher short that you can read here.

I’m so sorry that this post is so late in the day. I didn’t really want to be posting it tomorrow as I have a blog tour commitment and didn’t really want to be sharing all these links and that too. It’s been a weird ole day but we have to take each day as it comes I guess. We have the good and the bad. As I say I’m hoping to get up and out tomorrow a run always makes me feel better even when my joints are crying at me. It may also be my last chance ahead of Christmas so watch this space. I promise next weeks will be more organised and prompt. As ever if there is anything more you would like to see here at Hayley Reviews do get in touch.

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Happy Hump Day #4 Plus a live You Tube review….

Happy Hump Day readers….

I had hoped to have shared a review with you today but I’ve had a headache for the past week. Fingers crossed I’m nearing the end of it. I’m a lot brighter today so hopefully I can get back to my festive reads shortly – plus there’s a debut Thriller that I’m fully invested in that I can’t wait to get back to. Today I’ve managed to listen to a few chapters of this beauty.

I downloaded this ages ago and there were just so many books. Freya Kennedy’s second novel In the Pursuit of Happiness came out this week and I had hoped I could have listened to the first to have reviewed. I’m on chapter 5 each chapter has a title aptly named after a book – it’s a gorgeous treat and so far it’s given me all the feels. It’s made me think longingly about my grandad and our shared love of books.

Tonight I will be joining Catriona from http://www.fabulousbookfiend.com/ on her YouTube channel to discuss Sophie Cousens This Time Next Year you can join us Here. We will be live from 7pm UK time.

I’ve already posted my actual review and you can read mine Here and you can read Catriona’s here.

I hope you will join us we look forward to answering any of your questions. As ever our chat will be spoiler free.

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Weekly Update #24

Blink blink and another week passes us by. Is it just me or has 2020 been a mixture of fast impending weeks and never ending ones. This past week was a mixture – I’m still all over the place in regards to work so for now that’s all I will say on the matter.

Following last Saturday’s run I got back out on Tuesday. I decided to layer up slightly there were still the shorts but this time I went for my trusty football shirt and that added protection of my shoulders was good in terms of not being so cold. In saying that once I start running I’m sweating. This was my second 5K of December and I ran 5.06 miles which had me thinking I was closer to the 10k again.

Tuesday evening I was part of a Zoom chat with the lovely Books and the City team. There is a whole post dedicated to that which I will share later in this post. Tuesday also saw me finish listening to a gorgeous festive read but Patricia Scanlan and hit my GoodReads target for the year. Saying that I haven’t finished any of the ones I’ve started as I’ve had on/off headaches. I’m a lot better but hoping to get some more audio in today and then see how I am later on.

On Thursday I got back out and ran a 10k and I beat my personal best without even realising so that was a damn good feeling.

This week I have read

I’m currently listening to…

What’s been on the blog???

Following a Twitter poll Sunday saw two posts here at Hayley Reviews. The UnHoneymooners audio review and Self Care Sunday *2 post

Monday saw my review of The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily.

Tuesday saw my thoughts on This Time Next Year .

Wednesday saw my update on the BATC event and you can read it here.

Thursday I shared my audio review of Coming Home For Christmas by Patricia Scanlan.

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on the crime anthology and you can read that post here.

Have a good week all and if there is anything you would love to see on here do get in touch. Right I’m off to listen to my audiobook whilst mr head is still so so. I believe I have a few blog blitz’s this coming week.

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Book Review: This Time Next Year By Sophie Cousens @sophiecous

Blurb: Quinn and Minnie are born on New Year’s Eve, in the same hospital, one minute apart.

Their lives may begin together, but their worlds couldn’t be more different.

Thirty years later they find themselves together again in the same place, at the same time.

What if fate is trying to bring them together?

Maybe it’s time to take a chance on love…

Review: This was a truly perfect December read, although I do feel like maybe I should have read it after Christmas as I feel like I’ve cheated on my Christmas reads with a story that’s more wintery and more New Year based.

I had deliberated for a while over getting the paperback or the kindle and I opted for kindle in the end but I can definitely see myself getting a physical copy and this being read again at the later stages of the year.

Now I know I’m saying this close to the beginning of my review but Quinn & Minnie will stay with me for a very long time – I just loved their story and this rollercoaster will take some beating. I must say I do hope Sophie reunites us with these two in the future.

The story is told in part by Minnie and part by Quinn starting on the very night they were born. Each chapter is based on a date and a year. There are many flashbacks and some that crossover – the crossovers had me full of love for them both and left wondering. A few of my questions were answered later on in the book. Some of the chapters were so short which made this a book where you were saying to yourself just one more chapter.

Minnie & Quinn are polar opposites although in saying that there are a number of things that bind them. I could say so much here but I won’t as these guys deserve to shine for you the way they did for me. Neither of them are perfect – there really is so much to these two.

What else is there to say bar that this is a truly gorgeous and uplifting tale that will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye. I’m not ashamed to say I finished reading this on a bus and there were most definitely tears from me but tears of joy.

The ending was simply perfect but as I have already mentioned it’s left me wanting more. This is a deeply profound read full of hope for new beginnings and chasing what you want and believe in. I loved Quinn’s idea of seeing in the first sunrise of the New Year – a chance to start everything anew. This year sure has been a strange one and I can’t see it being a big affair out so I feel like I want to do this – I might even go for a run straight after.

If you’ve had your eye on this pick it up right now.