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Book Cover Challenge is back….

On more than one occasion I have said how much I enjoyed doing this challenge. Back in June I said that I would aim to do at least one a week which turned into just the one last month. It’s a brand new month so let’s see how many I can do this time around.

Last Thursday on my day off I was lucky enough to pop by Goldsboro books and meet the lovely Ruth Ware. Not only is she one of my favourite authors but she also shares a love for Daphne Du Maurier- a lady who I’m lucky to say still has lots of books for me to get lost in. After our chat there were definitely a few novels that need moving up that ever expanding and slightly out of hand TBR pile. Ruth’s latest The Death Of Mrs Westaway which I still haven’t started how I don’t know has been likened to Daphne’s Rebecca so in hearing this I’m even more on edge to devour this beauty.

This was the cover of the copy I read – I devoured this for a book group that I didn’t even get to due to life getting in the way.

I was completely hooked and I wanted to share the love. I needed to share this story so this is the one book of Ruth’s that I don’t own as I wanted someone else to read it. I may have to invest in it for my collection. I’m not sure where the below cover is from but this gives off a real sense of eerie which in a dark, dark wood conveys.

I’m intrigued to see if there are any particular book cover topics you would like me to show. For example: book that made you smile, cry, that holds memories anything. I definitely want to do this more so please get in touch with some ideas for me.

I’m still in the midst of reading something for a blog tour tomorrow fingers crossed I can make it happen.

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Bringing back….

The book cover challenge….I have decided I will aim to post at least one a week.

It’s funny I hoped to have had a review ready for you today but after a crazy work day and a fantastic outdoorsy Box-fit class I needed to eat and bath and the evening ran away with me so there wasn’t as much reading done yesterday.

As I tried to sleep my mind drifted and I then ended up drafting this post. Looking back at the six day challenge I did back in November made me smile. My choices said a lot about me and I hope these weekly ones will continue to do so. I’m posting this on Wednesday this week but this will need to change as I hope to have a more regular Wandering Wednesday post.

I’m not sure how I first stumbled across Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. What I do know and wholeheartedly remember is how it truly captivated me from the very start. Instantly making me want to devour all of her back catalogue. At the time I believe I was volunteering with Cancer Research whilst working for O2 in Kensington and through volunteering and eBay I purchased a few of her other titles. Since then I was lucky enough to be sent one of the repackaged copies of Frenchman’s Creek which I also truly adored. She writes in a way that lets you escape and I’m so glad there is still so much for me to discover. Have you read a Daphne novel that I need to inhale almost instantly? Do feel free to let me know.

This is the cover of the copy that I actually read but I swear every time it’s repackaged it looks even more gorgeous. Here are just a few of the other covers…

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion I am now a fully fledged Assistant Manager for Cancer Research UK and my has that been an experience but for a bookworm like me it can also be a blessing and a curse and yesterday I stumbled across one of the repackaged copies of My Cousin Rachel. I toyed with the idea of listening to this before watching the film but when I saw this beauty I knew I had to read the paperback.

I hope you have enjoyed my latest book cover challenge. If there is a particular book feeling or genre you would like me to cover next week? Do leave a comment below.

Until next time….