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Football’s Coming Home…

Between a crazy work day and a football match I literally forgot that I had half started a book cover challenge blog post for yesterday. It will be finished and will more than likely feature tomorrow but as for today I have to mention the England game. I’m sorry if you’re hoping that my bookish ramblings would mean no Football mentions.

As a child Euro 96 was my first real memory of England playing in a big competition.

For me Terry Venables and his mixed team of experience and youth were golden.

The country were invested in the lads and if there was a game on you could bet the shops and the streets were eerily quiet. Then those penalties happened with our lads wearing grey and us being defeated. It was my first real sense of anticipation and disappointment – I was hooked on the team and hated seeing how much stick Gareth Southgate and Stuart Pearce went through as a result. I absolutely hate how the media turn on those we invested in.

Last night Gareth Southgate’s extremely young England team made history and broke the curse that ridiculed Gareth for years. We won on penalties – my heart could not cope and I literally cried.

For me what he has achieved with these lads is a sense of belief that now is our time. Not just in the lads but we actually believe it. I was certain we would get through last night – I wasn’t prepared for the nerves to be shot like that but a number of players who I had little personal faith in came through and that experience will change them as players going forward.

It’s such an exciting time to be English and to be alive. That little bit of history we made last night was just the beginning the tip of the iceberg and yes we will be on tender hooks come Saturday but let’s do this.

Bookish ramblings will resume tomorrow 🙂