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A Patchwork Family – Part One – Moving On By Cathy Bramley

Blurb: Gina Moss is proud of herself: she’s just had the most amicable divorce ever. No arguments, no fuss, no drama. It means she has plenty of time and energy for her thriving childminding business too.

Welcome Cottage is both home and workplace for Gina. It sits just on the edge of The Evergreens – a grand if slightly run-down Victorian residence to three octogenarians who have far too much fun for their age: Violet, Delphine and Bing.

But a tragedy puts her older friends at risk of eviction – and Gina in charge of the battle to save them. It might be her first fight, but it’s one that Gina is determined not to lose…

Review: It’s been a while since I’ve read a Cathy Bramley novel and when this series was mentioned I instantly pre-ordered it, them good old 99p kindle purchases. I had hoped to have read and reviewed on publication day but that wasn’t to be. See I’m getting more organised but I’m also wanting to read more and more.

Part one is aptly named – Moving On as Gina has accomplished her amicable divorce and later on in the instalment there are more tragic circumstances. It starts with Bramley’s trademark wit, I’d heard of divorce parties via another book and the meal between Gina and Eric sure was full of laughs. It’s extremely rare that marriages can end well – but they are one of those rare breeds. The scene in the restaurant had me laughing out loud, but it also made me want to know more as they got on so well, I’m sat there wondering why they called time on their marriage.

It being part one it sets the scene and the groundwork for the story with the hint of what’s to come. What I’ve grown to love about these type of series’s is that you are left eager and wanting more and this did not disappoint. A Patchwork Family crosses over to The Lemon Tree Cafe as it’s based in the same town with some of the same characters. In realising that I realise I only read the first part of that story, so that will need to be rectified but August is proving to be a busy one.

Gina is a character that I instantly liked, she’s a go getter and wants the best out of life. A tragedy makes her realise she needs to live every day like it’s her last.

I loved the sentiments in this novel, friends and family come in all shapes and sizes and I loved the variation of age groups. You have the older generation who Gina is extremely fond of and then you have the children to whom she is also fond of. Being a childminder and an extremely good and experienced one at that. It also showed me that families can be a blessing and a curse. I don’t want to spoil the intrigue so I won’t say anymore than that. I want to see whether Dexter pulls through for the sake of his family.

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July TBR

I haven’t done a TBR in forever as I’m usually pretty rubbish with them but this month I’m feeling optimistic now I have a sort of momentum back here at Hayley Reviews. So I’m going to give it a go – hopefully either way there are more books read or listened to in July and that can only be a good thing.

Having finished part one and two I aim to also read three and four of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus series.

I’m hoping to have some proper time for this beauty today so watch this space. Ever since loving the sampler I’ve been eager for this.

Ever since hearing Claire read from this at the Spring Blogger event – I’ve been intrigued by this debut.

Today I have started listening to this beauty alongside sorting stuff in my room. It just seemed apt to listen to this as I have books two and three, and I could tackle some tasks and get some reading in of one of my favourites.

I got this signed at the Waterstones event and I cannot wait to read a Lucy Vine novel I know I will be ready to read Hot Mess straight after.

I’m a huge fan of Zoe May’s so have pre-ordered this so it should ping through to my Kindle this week.

As I’m in Dublin this weekend I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done and on what format. Although I can safely say my signed hardback won’t be making the journey so I do aim to get some reading of Those People in later today.

What are you wanting to read in July and have I missed anything?

I’m also hoping to add a few more shorts in to break up my reading. So if there’s any I should know about hit me with them.

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Book Review: One Summer in Rome By Samantha Tonge

Blurb: Blurb

To Rome…with love?

Mary Smith is turning her very ordinary life upside-down! She’s bought herself a one-way ticket to Rome and is ready for a summer she’ll never forget.

Men might be off the cards for waitress Mary, but within hours of arriving at the utterly charming family-run La Dolce Vita pizzeria, she’s already fallen in love with the bustling capital!

Only Dante Rossi, the mysterious (and drop-dead gorgeous) chef seems displeased with her arrival. And in the heat of the kitchen, it doesn’t take long for long-buried secrets to surface and sparks to fly…

A deliciously heartwarming romance to have you dreaming of summer. Perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Caroline Roberts.

Purchase from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2rrwXfT

Review: Firstly, happiest of publication days to Samantha. What a gorgeous treat One Summer in Rome is. Now I really do want a holiday….even more than I usually do. In reading this I have been longing for pizza (something I’m not eating at the moment – unless I make a clean eating version) and to wander around by the Trevi Fountain amongst the street entertainers.

I adored The New Beginnings Coffee Club so when Rachel emailed regarding this blog blitz I was instantly intrigued. To be honest I don’t really know where to begin with talking about this book without spoiling anything but I shall do my best. Just like The New Beginnings Coffee Club Samantha has tackled a number of real-life issues in this feel good read. It’s been pretty hard going on me reading about cake and pizza but my willpower has changed a lot since starting my Slimming World journey.

From the off I liked Mary/Maria. I applauded her for taking a risk in leaving everything she knew. It was obviously terrifying for her but after everything that has been thrown at her in her life it’s exactly what she needed. The life she was given wasn’t her making but as she set foot on that plane her mindset changed. It was heartwarming to see her tackle each and every obstacle she was given in her new country of residence. I have heard many bloggers swooning over Dante from the off but for me it wasn’t that simple. He was quite obviously attractive but at the beginning I thought he was stuck up and rude. Dante wasn’t the only character I thought badly of. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Rocco either. This novel has so much back story and history it makes it addictive. I found myself very much invested in these characters and there were a number of oh my moments that had me turning the pages quicker and quicker.

It’s surprising as the secrets about each character you couldn’t have pinpointed bar one with Rocco. The penny dropped on one point but not on the more devastating reality. By the end of the book I saw the romance in Dante and my heart warmed to Rocco.

In a world full of madness One Summer in Rome manages to take you away from whatever crazy you’re experiencing at this point in life. It also makes you realise that everyone you come across is silently fighting their own battles and worries so be kinder. A number of the books I have read lately have had an underlying message of being grateful and living for now. Not what’s gone or what might be but right now.

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Book Review: Starry Skies at Castle Court By Holly Hepburn

Sorry for the delay been sucked into a psychological thriller but here I am finally posting my thoughts on a gorgeous series.

Blurb: Sadie is a single mum, nursing a broken heart. Cat is burned out from working long hours as a chef. They decide to invest in their dream – running their own handmade biscuit shop in gorgeous Castle Court, a three-storey food court tucked away behind Chester’s bustling streets.

They soon discover that Castle Court has its own community – a little haven of delight against the stresses of the outside world. But not everyone welcomes the new business; the patisserie owner is less than pleased by what she sees as direct competition and Greg, who runs the fancy bistro that dominates one end of the courtyard, doesn’t think Sadie and Cat have the talent or business acumen to succeed. Luckily, there’s support in the form of the delectable Jaren, who owns the Dutch waffle house opposite Smart Cookies, and Swiss chocolate-shop owner, Elin. And if all else fails, the friends can drown their sorrows in the cocktail bar that overlooks the court.

Review: Wow! I think out of all four parts this was the one I was truly waiting for and I devoured it quite quickly. Once my good friend Catriona had finished it I was eager to know how it ended.

Holly Hepburn has a way of writing characters that you love and those you love to hate. Being the final part of the stories lots of unanswered questions and situations are tied up. I think I said in a previous review there were a few characters who I didn’t see as being the bad guys who actually were a lot more slimy than I first realised.

I adored Sadie and Cat from the off and I love how they became central characters to so much within Castle Court. It’s been a bumpy rollercoaster ride for the pair but they have overcome every single obstacle. We need more strong independent women to give us a boost and at Castle Court we definitely get that. I was so pleased that Cat finally seems happy and fulfilled in both her professional and personal life. It’s been a rocky road for her and I felt like I was cheering her on along the way. So I’m glad she won through – I won’t be stating anything more than that as I want you to read and get the OMG and YES moments that I got.

A wedding always makes me smile – especially if the couple are adorable and they sure are. Once again Cat and Sadie are at the heart of the action as is Sadie’s gorgeous little girl Lissy. I have to mention Adam because he’s been a firm favourite of mine and the scenes between him and Sadie make me happy and sad at times. I was so pleased to have him back – as he was adorable from the off and he’s the kind of guy I need.

There’s sooo much I want to say but I don’t want to ruin any of this gorgeousness. It’s a real treat a story of friends, love, betrayal, good guys, bad guys getting what they deserve – ooooh did I say that. Just an all round feel good read to have with a coffee and a biscuit. Two things I’m currently not having ha go figure. The ending is simply perfect and I would love to see these characters again and I’m still desperate to be in a Holly Hepburn novel – as a good character with an amazing book boy. A girl can sure dream.

Please whatever you do this May read the Castle Court series and if you only have part four to read it’s the best yet.

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Little Women…

Firstly, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones.

I’m sorry I have been a bit on/off with my blogmas attempt, but I am grateful to every comment, like and follow since I have tried. My views have improved which means I’m obviously saying something worthwhile.

How I’m still awake, and how I managed to watch this and think of something to say is outstanding. I got up seriously early this morning to brave the sales to start with as help and then for me. I had fun in a weird way if I’m honest. No books sadly, not yet anyway.

Watching Little Women this evening has prompted me to ask….have you read it? And what are your thoughts on the book by Louisa May Alcott.

I must admit this is a classic that I downloaded a while ago but have still not got around to.

Next year I would like to do better with my classic reading so this should feature. I have seen a mixture of comments regarding tonight’s first instalment of the BBC’s adaptation. I must admit I enjoyed it but I have nothing to compare it to – it has made me want to push this novel up my TBR list though, so in that instance the TV show has worked it’s magic.

What are your thoughts? I aim to be back tomorrow although I am back at work so anything is possible.

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Cover Reveal: Fatal Masquerade – A Lady Alkmene Mystery By Vivian Conroy 

Today at Hayley Reviews I am pleased to welcome Vivian Conroy via this gorgeous cover reveal…

Isn’t it a beauty and full of so much detail a real work of art. 

Now if that isn’t enough for you here’s the 

Blurb: Lady Alkmene and Jake Dubois are back in a gripping new adventure facing dangerous opponents at a masked ball in the countryside.

Masked danger…
Lady Alkmene Callender has always loved grand parties, but when she receives an invitation to a masked ball thrown by Franklin Hargrove – oil magnate, aviation enthusiast and father of her best friend, Denise – she’s never seen such luxury. The estate is lit up with Chinese lanterns in the gardens, boats operated by footmen float across the pond and the guest list features the distinguished, rich and powerful!

But below the glamour, evil is lurking. When a dead body is discovered, it forces Lady Alkmene to throw off her mask and attempt to find the true killer before Denise’s family are accused. If only her partner, Jake Dubois, weren’t hiding something from her…
This case might just be more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.

I will be reading and reviewing this when it’s available….

What do you think?? 

I haven’t read anything by Vivian yet but I certainly will be.

This is released on 4th October and can be pre-ordered Here

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Novella Review: Valentine’s Day at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn 

Blurb: Fall in love at the Star and Sixpence this Valentine’s Day….
Love is in the air as sisters Nessie and Sam prepare for Valentine’s Day at their newly renovated pub, The Star and Sixpence. They have a star chef winging her way from London to cook a very special Valentine’s Day dinner, for all the couples in the village. 

But as sparks fly in the kitchen, will love bloom in The Star and Sixpence? A romantic short story, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley and Scarlett Bailey. 

Sorry that this post has come super late in the day. I had partially sorted this but had literally no time today. Work was mental and during my break I managed to eat and just sit my ankle has been unbearable, but I’m starting to write in a pad again so hopefully I will stop complaining on here. 

Review: After finishing Holly Hepburn’s Picture House by the Sea series I really didn’t fancy heading straight into a full length novel. Even though I have a few Netgalley reads that I’m itching to get to. So I thought I would look to my Kindle and Valentine’s Day at the Star Sixpence caught my eye. I have only read the Picture House series of Holly’s but I have had them on my ever expanding TBR – so when I noticed this I thought it was perfect timing. 

From this instalment I can definitely say I’m going to enjoying visiting more of the Star and Sixpence, it sounds like one of those gorgeous quirky pubs that you will keep going back to. You could sit there alone and people watch or gossip it depends whose around or you could sit there and fall in love with a book with a tasty cocktail or two. I believe this is the second part although they can be read alone – although there’s a few things that may have made more sense to me if I had read Snowdrops first. 

Anyway it can’t be changed I have read the Valentines part. It really did make me smile yet again more loveable and relatable characters. I want to know what Sam is running from and what she’s scared of although I love her and Joss and it was cute that Nick Borrowdale features in this as he popped up in the Picture House.

Nessie – is an adorable character who has very little confidence in herself. I look forward to seeing how she changed throughout the series. Her and Owen are both shy and adorable it took them forever to work out a date. 

Holly you have sucked me in once again I cannot wait to see how this progresses. If you want a feel good read with a hint of love, friendship and family then check out the Star and Sixpence…..it’s gorgeous. 

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Netgalley: Hygge and Kisses By Clara Christensen first few chapters.

Blurb: The perfect feel-good novel to curl up with – light some candles, wrap yourself in a blanket and relax …

Bo, 26, has always been careful, cautious. However, she’s just been made redundant and her life plan is beginning to unravel. Before she starts immediately applying for other jobs in a panic, her friend Kirsten persuades her to take a holiday, to visit Kirsten’s mother’s house in Aslbrog, North Jutland, a part of Denmark Bo is ashamed to admit she has never heard of.
‘What’s the weather going to be like?’ she asks Kirsten hopefully, scrolling her cursor over the budget airlines webpage. ‘Terrible,’ Kirsten replies, ‘London is positively Mediterranean by comparison, and of course it’s November so it’ll be dark seventeen hours a day. But no one goes to Denmark to get a tan. You need a change of scene and to blow away the cobwebs, and trust me, Skagen will do that. Besides, the summerhouse is cosy whatever the weather, and you never know who else will be around.’
A few clicks later and there is no going back. And Bo’s life plan is about to be entirely rewritten.

My thoughts so far: Wednesday is usually wandering Wednesday’s here at Hayley Reviews, and since I started it this is the first Wednesday I haven’t written a wandering post although I feel that when I read this full novel it will have a wandering aspect in Denmark. A place I have never visited but I’m hoping this book transports me there. So far I have met Bo who is so easy to love- she’s likeable and kind but I feel sad to how she’s being made to feel by Ben. As it stands she still very much has a job so I haven’t got to the main part of the plot just yet. 

So far I like her and I feel she deserves more I also like her friend Kirsten she doesn’t tell Bo what she wants to hear she tells her what she needs to hear, whether Bo agrees or not is irrelevant. I can’t say too much as I have only had the pleasure of reading the first few chapters but what I will say is I’m unsure of Ben – I’m not sure if he has been burned by an office romance before or whether he’s not the man Bo first thought. 

Based on these few chapters I would love to read the full novel and I look forward to its September release. You can pre- order it Here for £1.99 it’s release day is 21st September.

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My bookish week….

Sunday Sunday….as I may have mentioned before Sunday’s are generally my one day off that never changes. Although I have to go in for a meeting next week. Anyway I was thinking of doing a reading and blogging intentions post but I kept seeing various bloggers update posts and thought oooh. So here I am….

I don’t know what I have done but somehow I have a very sore ankle so my walking to work has ceased for now 😦 which is upsetting as it’s when I listen to my audio reads. So today has been a chilled one not moving too much and then I shall be going to the cinema this evening. 

I had just started listening to The Woman in Cabin 10.

I really enjoyed Ruth Ware’s In a Dark Dark Wood so when this popped up on audibles daily deal it was a no brainer that I had to download it almost instantly. What I have listened to is great it’s very descriptive just as I would expect from Ruth, although it’s definitely a read that you need to be fully focused on. As I had to stop and focus myself.

My review of In a Dark Dark Wood was published on Dark Readers when I was blogging alongside the lovely Casey and co. You can read it here.

Although today I started listening to How Not to Fall in Love Actually by Catherine Bennetto whilst I was trying to relax my ankle in the bath and whilst traveling. I’m really loving it so far it’s funny and real. (Been meaning to listen to this for a while as Fabbookfiend has recommended it to me.) I have been invited to an event that Catherine will be at on Thursday evening so I thought it made sense to listen asap. 

This week on the blog I have featured:

The Cafe in Fir Tree Park

Wandering Wednesday – Time to wander again

So much more than a TV show #Nashville


The only good thing about not walking to work is the fact I am getting a little more actual reading a book done. I finished Then Now Always and have read The Wedding Speech a gorgeous short by Isabelle Broom which I hope to review shortly. I have started a few books linked to the event I have been invited to on Thursday evening. So hopefully there will be lots to report on here on the blog I’m already working on a few posts. I love it when ideas come to mind. 

Blogging is keeping my mind of the fact I’m in pain on and off. It’s getting me down just as I think it’s getting better bam. Cinema shortly although I’m in a little pain once again sad but true. Anyway enough with the pity party Hayley. 

My current reads are: How To Not Fall In Love Actually and Brief Encounters at the Picture House by the Sea as I shall be lucky enough to see both authors later this week. 

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20 Books of Summer…

So whenever I attempt a reading challenge something happens. I am firstly aiming to do better…so if I can get part of the way through this challenge I will be chuffed. I really do ❤ book bloggers, I have received so much love with the shares, RTs and comments. It all helps to motivate me. Every achievement has felt a little bit more special since I moved over to Hayley Reviews as it’s all me. 

#20booksofsummer was devised by Cathy at 746Books. The plan is to read 20 books between 1st June and 3 September. 

You can read about the challenge here so here is my books that I will be attempting some may change and I will do my best to get to 20.

So I’m starting with my current read…

1. Cafe in Fir Tree Park by Katey Lovell

Blurb: Maggie’s café is at the very heart of Fir Tree Park. Business is booming, her lemon drizzle is the stuff of legend, her children are happy and life is good. But she hasn’t had it easy. When her husband Clint was sent to prison, she had to raise Josh and Kelly alone. But Clint can’t hurt them now, and there’s no denying that Paolo, the Italian football coach she spies every weekend out on the green, is more than easy on the eye.

It may be summer outside, but a new arrival in Fir Tree Park sends an icy chill through the café…

If you are regular on my blog you will see I have read and loved a few of the Meet Cutes which I have adored and I will be reading more but they are super short so will be additional to this. 

2. Friends and Liars by Kaela Coble

Blurb: It has been ten years since Ruby left her hometown behind. Since then she’s built a life away from her recovering alcoholic mother and her first love, Murphy. But when Danny, one of her estranged friends from childhood, commits suicide, guilt draws Ruby back into the tumultuous world she escaped all those years ago.

She’s dreading the funeral – and with good reason. Danny has left a series of envelopes addressed to his former friends. Inside each envelope is a secret about every person in the group. Ruby’s secret is so explosive, she will fight tooth-and-nail to keep it hidden from those she once loved so deeply, even if that means risking everything…

This is a Netgalley read that I should have started but I’m blaming the Cafe in Fir Tree Park. (But I’m loving it soooo) this one intrigued me when I read the blurb so I’m looking forward to devouring this one. 

3. Our Little Secret by Darren O’Sullivan

Blurb: A deserted train station: A man waits. A woman watches.

Chris is ready to join his wife. He’s planned this moment for nearly a year. The date. The time. The train. But he hadn’t factored in Sarah.

So when Sarah walks on to the platform and sees a man swaying at the edge she assumes he’s just had too much to drink. What she doesn’t expect is to stop a suicide.
As Sarah becomes obsessed with discovering the secrets that Chris is clearly hiding, he becomes obsessed with stopping her, protecting her.
But there are some secrets that are meant to stay buried… 

This one I found on Twitter and thankfully was accepted by Netgalley yay. Another Thriller. 

4. Last Seen by Lucy Clarke

Blurb: Seven years ago, two boys went missing at sea – and only one was brought to shore. The Sandbank, a remote stretch of coast dotted with beach huts, was scarred forever.

Sarah’s son survived, but on the anniversary of the accident, he disappears without trace. As new secrets begin to surface, The Sandbank hums with tension and unanswered questions. Sarah’s search grows more desperate and she starts to mistrust everyone she knows – and she’s right to.
Someone saw everything on that fateful day seven years ago. And they’ll do anything to keep the truth buried.
Ok!!! Umm another Thriller. It’s also another Netgalley read. 

5. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

Blurb: Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago’s journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.
In reading The New Beginnings Coffee Club this book was mentioned and I am now intrigued as Noah is one of my book boyfriends and he recommended it. 

6. SealSkin by Su Bristow

Blurb: What happens when magic collides with reality? Donald is a young fisherman, eking out a lonely living on the west coast of Scotland. One night he witnesses something miraculous … and makes a terrible mistake. His action changes lives – not only his own, but those of his family and the entire tightly knit community in which they live. Can he ever atone for the wrong he has done, and can love grow when its foundation is violence? Based on the legend of the selkies – seals who can transform into people – Sealskin is a magical story, evoking the harsh beauty of the landscape, the resilience of its people, both human and animal, and the triumph of hope over fear and prejudice. With exquisite grace, Exeter Novel Prize-winner Su Bristow transports us to a different world, subtly and beautifully exploring what it means to be an outsider, and our innate capacity for forgiveness and acceptance. Rich with myth and magic, Sealskin is, nonetheless, a very human story, as relevant to our world as to the timeless place in which it is set. And it is, quite simply, unforgettable. 

I feel awful that I have had this book for ages and I still haven’t read it. 

7. Then. Now. always by Isabelle Broom

Blurb: Hannah Hodges can’t believe her luck when she’s offered a trip to sunny Spain with her best friend and dreamy boss . . . but what’s the catch?

‘Fresh, fun and full of sexual tension… a perfect spring read’ Heat

Twenty-eight year old Hannah is ready for an adventure. She and her colleagues are in Spain for a month to film a documentary, and it’s a dream come true. Not least because Hannah will get to spend long summer days with Theo, her boss (and gorgeous crush). It couldn’t be a more perfect setting to fall in love…
If only Tom (Hannah’s best friend and cameramen) and Claudette (the presenter) would stop getting in the way…
Then things become even more complicated when Nancy, Hannah’s half-sister arrives. What on earth is she doing here?
For just once in her life, can’t Hannah have one perfect summer, free of any drama?
This one needs bumping up. I miss Spain. I need to stop clicking Netgalley as I can’t read in time. 

8. Mr Make Believe by Bezzy Marsh

Blurb: Marnie Martin’s formerly perfect life is not quite going to plan. 

Hard-hitting newspaper journalist turned stay-at-home mum and part-time failing food columnist, Marnie is wondering when her life went so wrong.
While her husband Matt’s career takes off, she’s left with the impossible task of pairing socks and locating Lego. His late nights at the office are turning into late nights who knows where else and they haven’t had a proper conversation in weeks, sex in months, or a full night’s sleep in years. 
On the brink of losing everything when a fantasy about movie star Maddox Wolfe leads to a missed deadline and a disastrous case of food poisoning, Marnie becomes Mrs Make Believe: anonymous blogger, secret spiller, and voice of imperfect mums everywhere. 
However, Marnie Martin could never have imagined that her movie star daydream would walk off the screen and into her reality, turning her already muddled world totally on its head.
Will Marnie find happiness in the arms of the (literal) man of her dreams? Or will she find that true love is just make believe?
Another Twitter find that had me clicking download yet I haven’t read it yet. 

9. Things Get Better by Katie Piper

Blurb: To look and listen to the extraordinary Katie Piper, it is difficult to comprehend the severe trauma she suffered from a brutal rape and acid attack which left her with deep physical and emotional scars. These terrible events would have crushed most people, but through her positive outlook and sheer determination, Katie has become inspirational to millions and living proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you work hard and believe – things will get better.

Katie now begins to answer the question that everyone wants to know – ‘Where did you find the courage?’ She shares the key steps and support that led to her emotional recovery and acknowledges the pain we have all felt at times, whether suffering a breakup, life change or more serious trauma. Drawing on her own experiences and letters from other survivors, Katie shows with spectacular compassion that we can all find the strength within to carry on.
I have been reading start your day with Katie 365 affirmations for a year of positive thinking on and off since I purchased it. I love it. I am also desperate to read her confidence the secret.

10. Right here waiting for you by Rebecca Pugh

Blurb: Magda used to be the girl everyone wanted to be – most likely to achieve her every wish. That is until suddenly her perfect life seems to be anything but!

Sophia has never regretted her life, sure it isn’t perfect, but being a single mum to a daughter she loves is pretty great. Perhaps she never moved away from home, or got to live out her dreams, but what she has right now isn’t so bad.
That is until an invitation to their school reunion arrives, throwing both their lives into a spin – because these two used to be friends and it might finally be time to face up to that one big mistake that happened all those years ago…
This girl is pretty awesome and I pre-ordered this beauty it sounds gorgeous and right here waiting is a song I love with lots of memories. 

11. The Italian Gardener by Andrew Croats

Blurb: Mo, the wealthy dictator of a volatile Middle Eastern country, enlists a ghostwriter to tell his story to the world and enshrine him in history as a glorious ruler. Inside Mo’s besieged palace the ghost forms an unlikely friendship with a wise and seemingly innocent Italian gardener who slowly reveals that the regime isn’t all it appears to be. As a violent rebellion threatens all their lives the ghost struggles to cope with a personal secret too painful to bear. 

SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN GARDENER takes the reader on a heart-pounding journey through the bloody downfall of a doomed tyrant in the company of a young couple struggling to cope with the greatest private tragedy imaginable. 
I was sent this gorgeous novella from RedDoor publishing…I cannot wait to delve into this I haven’t been let down by this publisher.

12. Child Taken by Darren Young 

Blurb: One hot summer’s day, two-year-old Jessica Preston disappears from the beach. The police are convinced she drowned, but Sandra Preston won’t give up hope that her daughter is still alive. After all, a mother’s instinct is never wrong.

Is it?

Twenty years later, another child goes missing, and Sandra is approached by a young journalist who raises questions about what really happened to Jessica Preston all those years ago. But when the journalist discovers someone with an explosive secret, it threatens not only to reveal what’s been covered up for so long, but puts both their lives in danger.

When I saw RedDoor publishing talk of this I jumped on it and posted the YouTube video on here and it’s been my most liked post. Scary but intrigued.

13. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Blurb: The bestselling novel about love, loss and hope from the twice Carnegie Medal-winning Patrick Ness, soon to be a major motion picture. Conor has the same dream every night, ever since his mother first fell ill, ever since she started the treatments that don’t quite seem to be working. But tonight is different. Tonight, when he wakes, there’s a visitor at his window. It’s ancient, elemental, a force of nature. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor. It wants the truth. Patrick Ness takes the final idea of the late, award-winning writer Siobhan Dowd and weaves an extraordinary and heartbreaking tale of mischief, healing and above all, the courage it takes to survive.

14. Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier 

Blurb: On a bitter November evening, young Mary Yellan journeys across the rainswept moors to Jamaica Inn in honour of her mother’s dying request. When she arrives, the warning of the coachman begins to echo in her memory, for her aunt Patience cowers before hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn. Terrified of the inn’s brooding power, Mary gradually finds herself ensnared in the dark schemes being enacted behind its crumbling walls — and tempted to love a man she dares not trust.

Love Daphne have read and adored Rebecca and Frenchman’s Creek perfect reason to get stuck into more…

15. Milly Johnson The Queen of Wishful Thinking

Blurb: When Lewis Harley has a health scare in his early forties, he takes it as a wake-up call. So he and his wife Charlotte leave behind life in the fast lane and Lewis opens the antique shop he has dreamed of. Bonnie Brookland was brought up in the antiques trade and now works for the man who bought out her father’s business, but she isn’t happy there. So when she walks into Lew’s shop, she knows this is the place for her.

As Bonnie and Lew start to work together, they soon realise that there is more to their relationship than either thought. But Bonnie is trapped in an unhappy marriage, and Lew and Charlotte have more problems than they care to admit. Each has secrets in their past which are about to be uncovered. Can they find the happiness they both deserve?
I was lucky enough to win this from the publisher on Twitter 🙂 

So I have listed 15 some I should have read or are released soon, some have been sat waiting and some I just want to devour. I hope I can do this plus I will hopefully add 5 more. There’s bound to be Books I have forgotten and ones that come out…..

So let’s see. Anything I should bump up from my list and any recommendations would love to hear from you….one last thing how often would you like updates on this.