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WWW Wednesday…

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Sam over at Taking On A World Of Words. Head on over to her blog to see how you can get involved. Leave a comment even if you don’t have a blog you can still get involved. I too would love to see your answers. 

I have loved this weekly feature and have been wanting to get involved in this for ages and I’m finally getting the chance. I have hoped to have a better reading week and in some ways I have check back on Saturday to see how I faired. Right let’s get on with this. 

The three W’s are:

What have you finished reading?

What are you currently reading?

What will you read next?

My answers:

What have you finished reading?

My last audio read which I reviewed Here I hope to have Hollie on the blog real soon and I look forward to her second novel 

Is out in August I cannot wait.

I also read and loved part one of the Lemon Tree Cafe although Cathy has said I should maybe read The Plumberry school of Comfort Food before getting onto part two I’m not sure what I will do next. 

What are you currently reading? 

I started this the other night and I’m half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I really like Bridget and I’m loving Charlie. At times I want to scream at them both….I will be reviewing on publication day which is the 18th.

I regularly walk to work as most of my regular readers know, and recently I got addicted to Audible. This is my latest audible read and I love it and it has prompted another blog post about Grief that shall come soon.

What will you read next?

On Audible I’m not sure just yet. But my e-book and paperback list is. Although there are a few other books due out soon that I hope to get into asap.

This is the end of a beautiful story not sure I want it to end.

Plus I have SealSkin reusing a old pic sorry.

There is also this plus today I won 

I can feel this will come up in my TBR real quick…..

I would love to know your answers? I’m so happy to have finally got round to this and thank you to whoever voted on my poll on my Twitter HayleyTOfficial