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Book Review: Five Years From Now By Paige Toon

Blurb: What happens if you meet the RIGHT person at the WRONG time?

Nell and Van meet as children when their parents fall in love, but soon they are forced worlds apart.

Five years later, they find each other. Their bond is rekindled and new feelings take hold, but once again they have to separate.

For the next two decades, fate brings Nell and Van together every five years, as life and circumstance continue to divide them. Will they ever find true happiness? And will it be together?

‘One day, maybe five years from now, you’ll look back and understand why this happened…’

Review: Firstly I have to start by saying Paige Toon is one of my most favourite authors and Five Years From Now is definitely my favourite, and her best yet. This gorgeous treat comes out a week today….Pre-order here.

Although I haven’t read all of her collection (yes I just admitted that and it’s not the first time I have said that.) I also sent her a tweet after I closed the book saying I 💖and hate you right now and that is exactly what this gorgeously raw story did to me.

If you are new to Paige this is definitely a good place to start it’s an emotional rollercoaster with Nell and Vian/Van but it sure is a beautiful ride.

As I mentioned on here before Paige had said that the first few chapters of Five Years From Now were on Netgalley. I instantly clicked and downloaded- I was in the middle of another book but I thought reading the first paragraph or two won’t hurt. I devoured the chapters quite quickly and then it just stopped at such a heart-stopping moment. I needed and wanted more. A short while later I met Paige at Simon & Schuster’s Spring Event where I was given a copy of this. I had some will power and didn’t dive in straight away I honestly don’t know how.

When I started…I took Paige’s advice and delved into where I was left…I read a tad of what I had and carried on. I sat and looked at what I had written after reading the sampler and I smiled. I knew that the bombshell at the end of the sampler was the beginning of something huge and it sure was.

Nell and Vian/Van’s story is a beautiful tale of love, loss and friendship. It starts at five and then it’s every five years from then. The bombshell means that Nell and Vian/Van are separated. The pair are like two peas in a pod but their relationship is strained when Vian/Van’s dad takes him back to Australia. They communicate via telephone but it’s not the same. When they reunite five years later their relationship changes – as they have grown into teens. Fifteen ends abruptly and the pair are torn between their feelings for each other and for that of Geoff (Nell’s dad) As a reader I was left on edge for their reunion.

I love the carefree way Nell and Vian/Van were as children, their innocence was heartwarming. As adults there were many changes but at times their old ways were still apparent which was lovely to read, and as I stated on my short review this made me think of my nieces and their innocence and imaginations.

What I love about Paige Toon is how she can write so hauntingly real. A number of the events in Nell and Vian/Van’s life mimicked events in my life which left me a sobbing mess. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to ruin the story but it was so raw I was a sobbing mess. All I will say is definitely finish this book in private – because you will feel a multitude of emotions.

Towards the end of the novel I wasn’t liking where Nell and Vian/Van’s journey was taking them but there was a bittersweet moment of pure friendship and that’s what I’m taking from this truly beautiful tale.

Paige Toon will take you on the greatest rollercoaster ride with massive highs and devastating lows, you will be left heartbroken and moved. Once I finished this treat I looked a complete mess and I couldn’t pick up a book for a few days but it was worth every second of the laughter and the spine tingling tears.

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Read to Sleep week….

Info on #readtosleepweek

This challenge requires each participant to read for 6 minutes or more each night before they go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be a fiction book (or a book date from The Book Matchmaker), it can be a kindle, newspaper, magazine, non fiction book or anything that causes you to sit back, relax and just read, preferably not your phone (unless you turn off notifications).

Not only will this challenge help reduce your stress levels and enable you to sleep better,  but also for some of you it may hopefully bring back a love of reading again.

April is Stress Awareness Month. If you are looking for more information the wonderful charity MIND explains what stress is, what might cause it and how it can affect you. They have articles that include information about other ways you can help yourself and how to get support.

The challenge starts on Sunday the 22nd of April for 1 whole week. If you would like to take part please let us know by using the hashtag #readtosleepweek in your posts. Please also share with others who may like to get involved.

This is just what I need right now….I just wanted to check in and post this awesome challenge which I’m going to start shortly. I’m hoping it means I get more reading in. I’m going to delve into Paige Toon’s Five Years From Now I read the sampler and was dying for more…here’s my sampler Review let me know if you’re getting involved in this awesome challenging and here’s to lots of books and tons of sleep.