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Weekly Update #9

Well it feels like only yesterday I was penning last weeks update. In some ways the weeks are flying by in others they really aren’t. So Happy Saturday I hope you are well and safe wherever you are in the world right now.

I’m sorry that this update has come later in the day than usual. As I stated this morning in finishing Annette’s debut I was compelled to write and post that as I have commitments tomorrow and I didn’t want it to wait until Monday.

So it’s been another week of running I finished week 5 and started week 6. Wednesday saw my longest run to date with a 20 min run. It was tough going but I loved every single second of it.

Monday week 5 Run 2
Wednesday week 5 run 3 after my 20 min run
Week 6 run 1

So the last week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I ended up running into Lewisham and treating myself to a Starbucks I sure had missed them but I was also kind of on edge on the days when I was there later and more people were around.

What have I read this week???

I finished these beauties.

What’s been on the blog this week??

There wasn’t a post on Sunday I believe I was reading and time ran away with me, this sentiment baffles me in a way as at the moment it feels like we have so much time on our hands.

On Monday I posted my thoughts on Santa Montefiore’s Here and Now this was my first Santa read and what a book you can read my post Here.

On Tuesday I wrote my mid year update well it’s mostly my lockdown reading update it’s a long one with a whole host of links to the 47 lockdown reads at the time. You can read that Here.

On Wednesday I was sharing one of my most favourite posts it’s a gorgeous cover reveal and you can see it Here.

Thursday was dedicated to Holly Hepburn – I stopped what I was reading to devour this beauty and here are my thoughts.

On Friday I was swayed from writing a review to writing about a new found love you can read my piece on Running Here.

So as well as this post which I’ve come to really enjoy writing, although I wish I had prepped it more. As obviously I was finishing and reviewing Annette’s novel and I’m powering through a different read for a blog tour tomorrow so watch this space. Here is Annette’s gorgeous debut once again you can read my thoughts here.

It’s been an interesting week I could have juggled my reading and writing a little better but we live and learn.

I don’t believe I’ve purchased anything additional this week. I was asked to show my hauls or buys I mean I have overly clicked here and there on 99p reads. I haven’t finished my current audiobook from the library as I wanted to organise my blog tour and Netgalley commitments.

If there is anything else you would love to see on Hayley Reviews do get in touch? Also if you’re an author or blogger who would like to be featured I would love to host you.

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Book Review: Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe By Annette Hannah

Blurb: Lucy Woods has always dreamed of running her very own wedding venue. After moving her eight-year-old son to the countryside she’s surprised to find the perfect location and her best friend, Abbie, eager to help make that dream a reality! Too bad Abbie’s older brother Dominic isn’t keen on Lucy or their big idea!

As a divorce lawyer Dominic doesn’t believe in love at first sight or wedding vows, he’s seen them broken more times than he can count. But when Lucy arrives back in town, his hardened heart begins to crack. 

Making her dream come true is a huge undertaking, but Lucy knows that The Signal Box Café is her chance to finally make something of her life. If only the irritating (and oh-so-gorgeous) Dom didn’t make her imagine wearing a white dress and walking down the aisle…

Review: There will most definitely be two blog posts today. It’s not everyday that I’m able to read and review a book from a blogger. Now I don’t know Annette that well but I’ve met her at a number of book events and she has always been lovely, chatty and welcoming.

When I saw her gorgeous debuts cover advertised I was intrigued and my heart was warmed immensely. Book bloggers are the greatest bunch (well most of them are) so it’s heartwarming to see the transition from blogger to author.

As I said in seeing the cover – my first thoughts were gorgeous, summery and unique and my Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe sure is those things and some. Annette’s debut is beautifully atmospheric and unique. I loved the older generation link once again and I’m really loving seeing writers embrace this subject matter. It did wholeheartedly make me miss my grandparents but had me thinking of them fondly.

Dougie is a character that warms your heart right from the start a great grandad with a heart of cold who loves to do what’s right by those he holds dear. He really did have me laughing out loud I won’t be spoiling any of his antics. I truly loved the joint venture between Dougie and Lucy. The Signal Box Cafe is the quaint venue that I would love to visit. There were so many special touches to this venue where it felt picturesque.

Lucy is a firehouse of a leading lady she works hard, knows what she wants and she will fight to the death for her son. Jackson is her heart and soul and from the Minute we meet her that’s apparent.

The friendship between Abbie & Lucy is great – I love that no matter how much time as passed they slipped back into old ways almost instantly.

Now I have to mention Dom but I won’t be saying too much he’s a prickly character but I loved him from the off seeing his shell soften lightened my heart.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a few bumps along the way that I wasn’t expecting but this is wholeheartedly a gorgeous introduction to a new writer. Full of love, community spirit, family and friendship as well as a bunch of nostalgia and a whole dose of humour to boot.

Those kissing scenes were pretty something. I loved how in some aspects the end was like going full circle tying up the loose ends with a heartfelt smile.

Well done Annette on a gorgeous debut that will warm many a heart over a coffee or a glass of wine. I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

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Book Review: Dangerous Tides at Brightwater Bay By Holly Hepburn

Blurb: On paper, Merina Wilde has it all: a successful career writing the kind of romantic novels that make even the hardest hearts swoon, a perfect carousel of book launches and parties to keep her social life buzzing, and a childhood sweetheart who thinks she’s a goddess. But Merry has a secret: the magic has stopped flowing from her fingers. Try as she might, she can’t summon up the sparkle that makes her stories shine. And as her deadline whooshes by, her personal life falls apart too. Alex tells her he wants something other than the future she’d always imagined for them and Merry finds herself single for the first time since – well, ever.

Desperate to get her life back on track, Merry leaves London and escapes to the windswept Orkney Islands, locking herself away in a secluded clifftop cottage to try to heal her heart and rediscover her passion for writing. But can the beauty of the islands and the kindness of strangers help Merry to fool herself into believing in love again, if only long enough to finish her book? Or is it time for her to give up the career she’s always adored and find something new to set her soul alight?

Review: I feel like whenever a new Holly Hepburn novella arrives I’m fully consumed by it. I probably should have stayed up and read from midnight as for some reason I slept in later than I have recently it must have been cooler and I now feel like I’ve been in and out of this throughout the day.

My one complaint is the waiting time in between parts. My problem is I’m so attached to the characters and the setting that I want to read instantly meaning I read it in novella form but I’m left gasping and wanting more. I really enjoyed parts one and two setting the scene and introducing the characters but it’s always the third part that gets me.

Omg this has been my favourite and yet most frustrating part to read. I loved seeing Merry at her best and at her most vulnerable. This instalment was full of atmospheric Orkney I loved the history the sights and the run. I started running at the beginning of June and it made me smile hearing Merry talk on her run although I haven’t done any runs that long. I don’t want to spoil any of the story but this rollercoaster instalment had a few bumps in the road – we also see Merry go through a number of emotions including being reunited with her best friend Jess.

Part three gave me a lot more Niall and Magnus time although as much as I appreciate both of them I’m definitely team Niall. There’s something about that bookish brain and that aloof good looks – just the treat I’m needing right now.

What I will say is why oh why oh why have you left me hanging like that Holly. Although that turn up I was not expecting. Thank you for taking me away when I can’t go anywhere I’m longing for a view a bay and a sexy librarian.

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Mid-Year roundup

Seeing as we are halfway through 2020 I’ve seen so many people taking part in mid year tags and talking of what they have read so far, and how they are fairing against Good Reads challenges.

Thank So it got me thinking about my reading journey in the craziest year of my life. So my target for the year is 100 books which for a book blogger should be easy but life often gets in the way. I’ve generally always got at least one book on the go – sometimes if I’m reading more than one it takes me longer sometimes it makes no difference.

During lockdown to date I’ve read 47 books and I’m currently at 62 out of my 100. So lockdown well and truly has helped my reading mojo. I’ve downloaded and took advantage of the Libby app supporting my library from afar, and I’ve got back into audiobooks. Following my issues with my left ear I had cancelled subscriptions and had mostly stopped listening to audiobooks I’m loving having them back.

Since lockdown….

My Review – this series le sigh.
My Review – I truly loved embracing the world of Paige Toon this was such a gorgeous read.
My Review – Wow Louise Candlish never lets me down.
My Review – This was such a tonic on a sunny day.
My Review
This was my second read of this and I somehow have never written my thoughts on this absolute beauty – I will say I had different thoughts on the second read.
My Review – Such a truly important read for any and every woman.
My Review – Following The Flatshare I was itching for this and I loved it.
My Review – the next instalment of this beauty will be on my Kindle later this week.
I still haven’t reviewed this. David is a family favourite and this was a gorgeous audiobook.
My Review
My Review
Somehow I always gush and then am lost for words. Haven’t written this review.
My Review
My Review Heidi never lets me down. Loved this trip to the beach.
My Review
My Review
My original review – this was a second time read.
My Review
My Review
My Review – this book will stay with me for a long time.
My Review – my first Patricia novel but definitely not my last.
My Review
My Review
My Review – I read this in a day on publication day.
My Review – a fantastic debut.
I loved this but haven’t reviewed as yet.
My Review – an audiobook I borrowed from the library.
My Review – a blog tour I loved
Audio Review I had heard such good stuff about this and I loved it.
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review I loved listening to this but do I buy the hardback or the paperback
My Review – love love loves this. The hype is real.
My Review
My Review
My Review – An ace buddy read. Isabelle always has me lusting for travel.
I loved the Katey Lovell Meet Cutes.
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review – Such a special read and I’m so glad this was my introduction to Santa.
My Review will come soon.

So 47 lockdown reads and 15 prior to that….I’m feeling pretty darn good about that. Woah it’s a long and a late one…can you imagine if I had the other 15.

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Book Review: Here and Now By Santa Montefiore

Blurb: Faced with losing everything, all that matters is Here and Now . . .

Marigold has spent her life taking care of those around her, juggling family life with the running of the local shop, and being an all-round leader in her quiet yet welcoming community. When she finds herself forgetting things, everyone quickly puts it down to her age. But something about Marigold isn’t quite right, and it’s becoming harder for people to ignore.

As Marigold’s condition worsens, for the first time in their lives her family must find ways to care for the woman who has always cared for them. Desperate to show their support, the local community come together to celebrate Marigold, and to show her that losing your memories doesn’t matter, when there are people who will remember them for you . . .

Review: Wow! This was my first Santa Montefiore read and what a way to start. This was also one of the books that was showcased at the Spring Blogger event just before lockdown. I had a bit of a chat with Santa and after hearing her read I was eager to read this one and I’m so glad that this was my introduction to her writing. My first buddy read of the month and I would definitely say one of my favourites this year even if it left me with a heavy heart and a headache from crying.

A gorgeously atmospheric novel that focuses on a heart wrenching subject – with family and the hear and now at the heart of it. The descriptions of the greenery and of the birds was heartwarming and comforting. It’s apt that we’re experiencing the weird times we are at the moment and in reading this it’s made me think more about the now rather than worrying of the future and fretting over what cannot be changed.

Marigold is a formidable and truly loveable character who thinks of everyone else before herself. A completely selfless woman who has lived her life being there for her friends, family and fellow community members. Running the local shop she really is the heart of the community. When life starts feeling foggy it changes so much for her and her nearest and dearest.

I loved the sense of community spirit and how small things seem so insignificant when faced with real sadness. I truly loved how Santa showed how each family member was affected. We all handle grief and pain differently.

I truly adored Dennis his love got Marigold was paramount from start to finish he never ever doubted his love for her even when the going got tough. Suze was a mixed bag for me and I loved seeing her character change. Daisy was another of my favourites I could see her life changing in front of my eyes before it changed on the page. She’s a force to be reckoned with a lot like her Mum. Nan has to get a mention – she’s from a different time and she’s the most stubborn woman ever but you can see why.

There are elements of love but essentially this is a tale about the love of family. Deep down no matter how much they hurt us family will always prevail.

A truly gorgeous story that will sadden, enlighten and having you living in the now and loving those who mean the most just a little more.

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Weekly Update #8

Another week has flown by. It was a bit of a weird one for me few things I had to do and help sort out where possible, and I was a bit headachey. So after finishing Call Me Joe last Sunday I started…

And I thought it could have been my final June read but I literally didn’t have the headspace so…

So this week I haven’t finished a book since last Sunday I should finish my audiobook today and hopefully get back on track with my Jaimie Admans read and my buddy read which is my very first Santa novel – I do own a few others so watch this space.

I’m intrigued and a little saddened already.

Running seems to be my newest addiction that has stuck. Monday and Wednesday saw runs 2 and 3 of week 4 and wow the pace is definitely hotting up.

Monday week 4 run 2
Wednesday week 4 Run 3

Friday was the start of week 5 and wow it has increased again with three runs of 5 mins and wow!!! My persistence and resilience shone through and I’m so so proud of myself it was the hardest but my most rewarding and fun.

Week 5 Run 1

Now I don’t know who said it or where I read it but someone said about having motivational songs or songs you love. I made a playlist of a few upbeat songs of Westlife and a Mr Ronan Keating and my it helped especially on my final run I was feeling it and hearing a Ronan track live from 2013 was the motivation I needed to not give up and to keep on running no matter how much I wanted to walk and it sure did work. I have a new aim for my next run. Week 5 is definitely a change in tempo and where we usually repeat the same format each of the 3 runs is different with Monday’s having two 8 min runs that’s two and a half songs right?? Those of you on my Twitter will see I regularly update my run info almost instantly but as ever I will keep adding it to my weekly Update.

So what was on the blog this week??

On Sunday I posted my thoughts on The Girl on The Train film and you can read it Here.

As ever I apologised for double posting and then pretty much double posted on both Monday and Tuesday but I’m pretty proud of all four of them posts with a few blog tour commitments kept.

Up first was a blog blitz for Shalini The Defence Of Exeter Station can be read Here. I had also agreed to a blog tour via Red Door and they have been pretty good to me and their books have often taken me on journeys I would never have chosen you can read my thoughts on Call Me Joe Here.

Tuesday was another unique day following last weeks Top Ten Tuesday this weeks prompt got under my skin so here is a Top Ten Tuesday brimming with my favourites and you can read it Here. I’m a sucker for a cover reveal and having already posted I came across this and had to share the gorgeous Hit List by Holly Seddon Here.

I welcomed July with what I read in June and you read that again Here. Not as impressive as May but still not a bad effort.

There wasn’t a post on the Thursday and I didn’t want to post something half hearted. I’ve prided myself on being more organised and posting when it’s sufficient. So yesterday I posted my July TBR (although I rarely post these so let’s see if I can actually read all these and a few more shorts) hoping I haven’t jinxed myself. You can read it Here.

Feeling headachey hasn’t helped hoping lots more fluids and stuff will help and I can smash my reading goals and keep the blog consistent. As ever I’m always looking for inspiration and feedback so if you would like to see more of something and less of something else do get in touch. I may add books I’ve purchased or loaned from the library?

Here’s to a bookish weekend…

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Top Ten Tuesday – it’s full of my favourites this week!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Today’s prompt is most anticipated releases for the second half of 2020.

I’m a massive fan of Victoria Walters and this will be the perfect start to my Christmas reading.
I’m a massive fan of Ruth and sadly I was rejected on Netgalley for this beauty but I will be reading and reviewing when it’s available.
This one I was lucky enough to get a Netgalley copy but I will also be purchasing and buddy reading this one.
When she came to the UK for her last novel I actually had the pleasure of meeting her. Another go to author whose back catalogue I still have to go through.
Milly is another one that I’ve got into late and this will be another festive treat.
There seems to be a festive theme amongst my choices and so far they are all ladies.
I’ve been waiting for this book for forever…
I adore this lady as an actress and I loved her debut book.
Whoop there is a guy amongst my list. When Miranda Dickinson mentioned this I instantly read more and pre-ordered it.
I’m so excited to have this bunch back in my life at Christmas. I’ve pre-ordered each of these parts so they ping through to my kindle.

So there seems to be a lot more ladies in my list this week for sure. Although just last night I did in fact pre-order Darren O’Sullivan’s next novel The Players which isn’t released until next January.

I’m always up for recommendations although I must read a few more of my TBR of late eeek. I’m onto a Netgalley read which in theory I would like to finish that and my audio before we start our buddy read on 1st July.

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Book Review: Five Go Absolutely Nowhere By Bruno Vincent

Blurb: Ah! This is the dream!’ says Julian one morning. ‘With good old British common sense and community spirit like this, there’s no reason that we couldn’t exist on the island like this for the rest of our days!’

What could possibly go wrong . . .?

Anne has gathered Julian, Dick, George and, of course, Timmy, together for a last nostalgic jaunt in the countryside together before grown-up responsibilities take the four cousins off in different directions. It’s only natural that they find their way onto Kirrin Island for a look around, as this might be the last time they’re here together as a group. 

They are planning just to spend the night there and come home the next day, perhaps with a little exploring in the dungeon for old time’s sake. But that night they hear the country has gone into lockdown. They are not allowed to leave.
With their usual resourcefulness, they are determined to make the best of it, and remain cheerful and healthy. As Anne keeps saying: They’re lucky, really, to have all this countryside and fresh air at their disposal!

Review: I have said this before and no doubt I will say it again. Enid Blyton was one of my childhood favourites, even though I’ve managed to miss a few of her books which I’m rectifying as an adult. I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon one of Bruno Vincent’s parody short stories featuring the Famous Five. Although when I was working at the charity shop from time to time these beauties were given in and I would often purchase them and recommend naturally if I had already had it.

Five Go Absolutely Nowhere could have passed me by but in looking online I was chuffed to see one of these gorgeous stories available during this crazy time. It’s the first one I have read digitally although I will want a hard copy to join my collection. Before this one the last one I remember getting was gifted for me as it was released on my birthday and that was Five Forget Mother’s Day. I’ve reviewed a few already and I have a bunch awaiting my attention. I’m hoping to start squeezing in a lot more short reads alongside my general reading.

My thoughts on Five Forget Mothers Day. And my thoughts on Five Go Parenting.

Back to Five Go Absolutely Nowhere – what I really loved was half of their concerns during lockdown is just how we are although with their added wit. I also loved that the Secret Seven were also involved in this story even though their involvement was chaos but it added to the fun and really did make me think back to the Enid Blyton of my childhood. I’m also blown away as they sound how they did all those years ago but with modern life – it’s heartwarming to have these characters in my adult life too.

I’m so grateful that Bruno Vincent has created topical short stories using these fictional beauties. I’ve realised I’ve got more than I’ve actually read so watch this space for more Famous Five chitchat from me. Julian just has to be my fave he’s pretty clueless although he really does try…

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Weekly Update #6

So another week has passed and it’s been a weird one. Not all good but not all bad either. This week has also shown me in an abundance that I have some truly awesome people in my life and I’m forever grateful to them.

Hayley & Jess sent me this super thoughtful card and I received it just when I needed it.

This last week I finished week 2 of Couch to 5k and just yesterday I undertook week 3 run 1 and I’m so shocked at my progress in just 3 weeks. The 90 sec run that seemed hard previously I’ve paced well and as much as the 3 min runs were hard I got through them.

End of week 2 and first of week 3.

So what have I read this week??

After finishing Hello Again I fancied some short reads.

So what’s been on the blog this week?

Last Sunday I posted my thoughts on the truly heart wrenching What Doesn’t Kill you? And you can read my thoughts Here.

Monday saw a blog blitz for the lovely @lovebooksgroup and you can read it Here.

Isabelle Broom is one of those authors who always manages to sweep me away and leaving me full of wanderlust you can read my thoughts on Hello Again Here.

Wednesday saw another blog tour post thanks to @lovebooksgroup and this sure is an interesting one. You can read it Here.

Thursday was dedicated to an exceptional lady in Victoria Walters and here I am showing you the gorgeous cover reveal of the third book in the Glendale series Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall.

I keep asking what your thoughts are on double posting on Friday I had another blog tour commitment and you can read that Here. I read and really loved Cathy Bramley’s free novella and wanted to share my thoughts you can read my piece on Rescue Me Here.

I’ve restarted We are all Made of Stars but I’ve been in a bit of a weird headspace so haven’t listened to much. I have however started On The Come Up it’s very different to what I’m used to but I’m truly loving it.

I am trying to diversify my reading so would love any recommendations. I’m also hoping to add more short reads to my reading. As I’ve said before if you would like to see any specifics on my blog or my update do get in touch.

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Cover Reveal: Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall By Victoria Walters

Now today I have an extra special treat for you here at Hayley Reviews. I’m such a fan girl of Victoria Walters and she’s got a stunning novel coming out in September. It’s the third book in the fabulous Glendale series, it’s always an honour to showcase anything from Vicky but my it’s an absolute beauty….

So before I show you what you’ve came for I’m going to let the blurb speak for itself.

What happens when love takes you to unexpected places?

Heather Douglas appears to have it all. But living on a farm in the Scottish Highlands with her partner, Rory Fraser, all while bringing up their adorable toddler, Harry, isn’t easy. As a former librarian, Heather is worried that she’ll never fully fit into life on Fraser Farm. And after the death of her beloved mum five years ago, Heather feels lost, as well as guilty for holding back accepting Rory’s marriage proposal because she can’t imagine her wedding without her mother.

So when ex-boyfriend, Stewart, appears in the village of Glendale, it’s a shock to the system. The man who broke her heart years ago now has big plans for the neighbouring farm and wants Heather to be part of the development. Knowing that she’s living a very different life to the one they had planned at university leaves Heather wondering if she has made the right choices since she and Stewart broke up. Especially when things start to go very wrong on the farm …

This Christmas, Heather will need to face her fears and let go of the past or risk losing everything. She will need love, faith, and a whole lot of hope!

Pre-order links:

Amazon https://amzn.to/2Y6P1dt

Apple https://apple.co/3emKwBn

Kobo https://bit.ly/37AMc7D

If this is your first introduction to Vicky then you’re in for a treat and you have time to download and read the first two before this gorgeous novel comes out in September.

Isn’t it gorgeous….

I’m super happy and excited for Vicky and I cannot wait to delve into Christmas in September. As I said if you haven’t read anything then please check out Victoria Walters book link. In honour of this gorgeousness this will be my only post today even though I’m itching to share some other book thoughts.